Georgia QSO Party

63 Years and Counting

The Georgia QSO Party sponsored by the South East Contest Club and Southeastern DX Club is held the 2nd weekend of April every year. The 2024 Georgia QSO Party will be held on the weekend of April 13th-14th.

Click here for 2024 planned rover, portable and fixed station operations.

The Georgia QSO Party activity period is two 10 hour periods:
Saturday – 1800Z (2:00 PM EDST) until 0359Z. (midnight)
Sunday – 1400Z (10:00 AM EDST) until 2359Z. (7:59 PM EDST)

Click here for the Georgia QSO Party Spotting page. Note spotting networks and self spotting is allowed in all categories. (thanks N3IW)

North Fulton Amateur Radio League Georgia QSO Party special event stations. Click here for more information.

Click here to see the 2024 Georgia QSO Party logs that have been received.


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